Welcome Post!

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to my page. This is my first real blogging website, so I hope I write about things that shall catch your interest!

Here is a short excerpt of what I plan on writing about:

Travelogue: I recently started traveling a few years back, and have loved it ever since. Seeing the various cultures and scenery’s has opened my eyes up in a whole new perspective, and I look forward to sharing that experience with you.

Dream Blog: I have always had a very active imagination – one that never stops working, even after I’ve fallen asleep. My dreams, to say the least, are a mix between vivid, strange and silly. Once I get this site up and running, I shall be entering the details of the strangeness that occurs when I sleep, and possibly an interpretation. I have never actually written any (personal) interpretations, so this will be new to me.

Writing Exercises: A book that I have been reading called Writer with a Day Job by Áine Greaney – which is an amazing read by the way – contains some interesting writing exercises that I will try to write daily/weekly.

I do have a few other ideas in mind, but I’ll leave those out for now and hopefully surprise you later.

Comments are always welcomed and much appreciated and once again, welcome!

M T Hoffman



  1. Hi M.T. Hoffman,
    Thanks for your kind words about my book, Writer with a Day Job. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and hope that it inspires your writing. You might also enjoy the companion blog, http;//writerwithadayjob. Stop on by and share your commentary.

    Enjoying your blog. Beautiful header pic.

    • Hi Aine Greaney,
      I feel so honored that you took the time to comment me! Your book is very inspirational to me, and it’s helped me with my writers block. I definitely will be checking out the companion blog sometime soon! Thanks for the comment toward my header – I took that photo in Cozumel, Mexico. 🙂

      Take care!
      -M. T. Hoffman

      • Wonderful. I’ve always wanted to visit Mexico. Some day … meanwhile, we write on, eh? I, too, am a very vivid dreamer. Sometimes, I think those plots are more interesting than the ones I try to create on paper!

  2. Hi,

    This sounds interesting. I have weird dreams too! They started after surgery 7 years ago and I dream about places I haven’t been to yet! The strange thing is I feel lost in some dreams and both times recently that I have found myself in places from dreams; I have got lost just after! I don’t think I have any more lost dreams to live out now.

    Good luck with the blog.

    • Thanks for the comment! – My dreams are always very strange/random. I’ve dreamed about places I haven’t been to as well, but I think they’re mostly compiled memories of places I’ve been to/seen, meshed up into one place.

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