Musical Eyedrops and the Texting Tweezers

Sometime in early June, I had this strange mini-dream that I wrote down. Mind you, my dreams usually mix actual reality with outlandish reality, so they’re often about people I know in real life.

My dream starts off at this music shop and I’m there with my friend Jeff (and a few others), and we’re looking at these eye-drops that, when used, plays music in your head. We were looking for musicals (Wicked, Rent, Little Shop of Horrors, etc) in order to listen to at this place we had to be at (can’t recall where). The music place was about to close and all musical eye-drops were out of stock, so we all decided to leave.

All of a sudden I’m at a random house party, which (seems) far from where I live. During this I’m on the phone with my friend Matt, telling him to come to the party.

I walked into a bedroom, to hangout and I whipped out my tweezers and started texting on it with baby powder (?). Random people walked in the room doing shots of Cheddar Goldfish snacks in small white cups, each time they did a shot upvote numbers* appeared next to their heads. I guess they were keeping score…?

(*Upvote, a Reddit term for those who don’t know :))

So yeah. That sums up my strange dream. Trust me when I say that I’m as clueless as you are.



  1. Hahaha xD I wish I got those drops!! It would be the perfect disguised accessory while working at Stop & Shop

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