Meeting Will Smith!

Q: What’s the most impulsive thing you’ve ever done?

A: For me, this question was a thinker. I’ve always considered myself pretty impulsive, usually if I have an ample amount of time to do things with no plans made, I will pretty much wind up doing anything. I think one not-so-impulsive thing I’ve done was take a quick trip to the beach with my friends. Now, I say it’s not that impulsive because the beach is literally about a 5-10 minute drive, but it was a random idea, and we all decided to go.

What makes this trip special? The events that occurred when getting there. As me and my three friends pull up to the Robert Moses Beach (on Long Island) we notice something strange – like, weird cranes and other oddities that you wouldn’t normally find at the beach. As we drive by it, to go park one lot over, I realize that I heard a rumor that Men In Black III was supposed to be filmed there.

After realizing this we decided that we were going to try and walk over in between beaches, it was a farfetched idea, but hey, we had nothing better to do. We walked all the way over there, and had one of the people on set tell us to go sit down with the rest of the passerby’s and watch the scene being played.

How amazing is that? Being able to casually watch a movie being made behind-the-scenes like. (I was really kicking myself for not having my good camera!) Anyway, after we sat there and relaxed on the beach watching the scene(s) take place, we decide to get ready to leave.

Before leaving, one of the professional photographers on set started bullshitting with us, and was even nice enough to get a photo of us holding the actual clapper board:

Seriously? How awesome is that? (PS: In the background you can see parts of the actual set; I actually went back there the following day and took better photos.) Thinking it can’t get any better than that, we all decide to leave. My friend, having to pee, wandered off to one side of the beach and notices a giant two-story trailer – which belonged to Will Smith. Will. Smith.

We wandered over there and stared at it from a short distance, when a body guard waved us over to sit down (along with other fans) to wait and meet Will Smith.

He was a very friendly guy:


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