Power Outage Fun

Since Hurricane Irene passed Long Island the other day, it left many areas without power (I believe over 400,000 people are without power in NY). Well, my boyfriend and I enjoyed the view of the sky late Sunday night. It was really beautiful outside, and looked even more vibrant without any light pollution. Enjoy! 5 […]

Evacu- Emergency Vacation

Due to the possibilities of a severe hurricane occurring on Long Island, along with the need to get away, my boyfriend, friend and I – along with my cat and dog – took an “emergency vacation” to Lancaster, PA. It was quite a lovely trip! Tried new food, bought some wine, went to a chocolate […]

Reasons for my Facebook hiatus

So I recently (last night) decided to take a hiatus from Facebook – I didn’t close out my account, but rather disabled my wall from receiving any further comments. I won’t get into any specific details of what triggered the “straw that broke the camels back”, but I will discuss the overall reasons why Facebook […]

The Moons Winter Halo

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to have witnessed a Winter Halo around a full moon. It was pretty cold outside as I was lying down on the lawn, but it was worth it! I took some photos of that night. The Winter Halo was so close, I had to place the camera on […]

Visiting Schaumburg, IL

I went on a business trip to Schaumburg, IL and I took some photos of the view from my hotel. I stayed at the Renaissance Hotel, which was quite lovely. I had an amazing room, with two TVs – one of which, was inside the bathroom mirror – yes INSIDE the bathroom mirror. Simply awesome. […]