Inventing a Course

Q: Invent a course that every high school student should have to take. What would it be?

A: Pre-College 101:

This would be taken senior year of high school. Overall, an easy class, just something to really help a student understand what college life entails. Here are some of the topics the course would teach a student:

  • Understanding FAFSA and Student Loans
  • What majors/minors are available and what can they do for your career path?
  • Two year college vs. four year college
  • The basics of college credits and what they mean
  • Dorming vs. commuting
  • What to buy:
    • Text Books
    • Notebooks, pens
  • Understanding and navigating a college website

I think instead of formal testing, the teacher would give out a weekly/bi-weekly survey to see what the student understands, and what they don’t. Once the teacher reviews the survey, he/she can decide if the class is ready to move on as a whole, or if he/she should spend one-on-one time with a student.

When I first started my college career, I was completely lost. A course like this would have been extremely helpful for me. Hell, if I went on a different career path as a teacher, I would teach this course without a doubt. I always found it fun helping out a fellow peer figure out whatever they needed to know about finding the right schools and whatnot.

How about you, reader? What course(s) would you invent or tweak for high schoolers?



  1. I think this is a great idea being that I’m in High school and have literally no idea about most things relating to the topic of choices for a college education, and I’m sure the same goes for my peers.

    • There’s so much to decide on when choosing to go to college! (I was about to list them here, but I pretty much did in the list of topics). By the way, I can always guide you if you ever need help with those decisions.

  2. I think that course would be an excellent idea. I wasted so much time and money because I had no idea what I was doing in college. I think there needs to be two more courses added to high school / middle school…
    One course that should be taken, preferably at a middle school level or early high school should be an understanding sexuality course. Yes, “Health” class teaches a little about it, but not nearly enough. There needs to be a course that teaches kids exactly what is going to happen to them when they hit puberty and all of the different spectrum of human sexuality. Kids should learn about what it means to be straight, gay, transgender, and queer. They should learn about sexual fetishes and stigmas and learn that the things they feel are normal no matter what they feel. I think if it is put into kid’s minds early on that there isn’t just one way of doing things they will grow to become more accepting and open and less violent towards things that are different and therefore scare them. Oppression hatred and fear all come from ignorance.
    Another really practical class that should be taught in late high school (junior / senior year) BASIC LIFE SKILLS! Almost like Home Economics, except a little more “grown up”… Things that should be taught can include how to save money, balance a checkbook, open a bank account, using a credit card, cooking meals for yourself, going grocery shopping on a budget, getting a job, writing a resume, interview skills… Just basic things that everyone eventually needs to do, but doesn’t always get taught.

    • The Basic Life Skills course sounds great! Everything you wrote there sounds perfect.

      The Sexuality Course, I think would be better suited for either 8th or 9th grade. Not too young, not too old. And it may be a better, more comfortable environment for the student(s) if it was separated into male/female classes. People seem to open up when they’re not around the opposite sex.

  3. I think a course in astrology sounds great!. It would be very benefitial for young students to really have an open mind towards were in space are we, and i think it would help them feel more attached to the world and its wonders and not just the material stuff… Also a course in how the goverment works, to better help them be a voter as soon as they turn eighteen, that way the U.S gets a bunch of feed back from all its us citizens!.

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