Just witnessed a kidnapping

So my friends and I were sitting in front of a 711 in Westbury, when my friend noticed something strange across the street.

“Is that dude hitting that girl?” my friend Kyle asked. I looked over and sat there shocked, seeing a guy wrestling with a girl, gripping his arms around her torso, and her neck. Watching her struggle. I sat there, and said thought we should really do something. I yelled at my friends, “Guys get out there! Stop him! He’s going to kidnap her!” As they ran out toward the guy and the girl, he threw her into his van and started to drive off. I yelled out, “Get the license plate number!”

My friends ran after the van, while calling 911, as my other friend Jeff drove toward them. Realizing the van was gone, my friend Tommy headed back to 711 to wait for the police to show up. My friends and I continued to drive around and survey the area for the van – but found nothing.

We went back to the 711, where my friend Tommy was talking to the cops. We pulled up, and I got out of the car with Kyle and helped back up Tommy’s story with what we witnessed. As we’re talking to the cops, we glance over at the road next to us, and who the fuck pulls up? The van.

“THAT’S THE VAN!” the three of us yelled. The cops didn’t hesitate one moment – they drove off after the van and caught him! We stayed at 711 dancing happily, it felt surreal. We acted quickly, so did the cops, and resolved something that could have ended tragic.

Words cannot express the way I felt when it happened and what I’m feeling right now. So intense.



  1. I was there!! Crazy 😛

  2. Good job guys! U guys are awesome! The world needs more people like u!

  3. That’s insane. Well done for acting the way you did! Wow.

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