The Wonderful Island of CocoCay, Bahama’s

Aah, CocoCay. This private island was one of my favorite places to go on my July 2009 Royal Caribbean cruise.
Sight seeing was fantastic, and there was a free buffet (with plenty of food items to choose from!) along with plenty of drinks.

There isn’t much here in the way of a cultural perspective, but the beauty of this island can really put your mind at peace. Overall, the weather stayed warm/hot, and sunny, with some scattered clouds – but no storms, luckily!

One of the excursions I tried was being a passenger for a jet-ski. Let me just say, at first, I was a little nervous being on it, but it was such an exciting adventure! Going out into the vast blue sea, and sight seeing was very exciting! I highly recommend this excursion if you’re looking to gain a more geographical experience on your vacation, since you leave the island and explore the area(s) around it.

Overall Pros:
-Free food and drinks
-Plenty of activities, both lax and invigorating
-Beautiful island

Overall Cons:
-Lacks real cultural influences

Next up is Snuba Diving in Key West, FL. Stay tuned!



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