Top 5 Dim-Witted Arguments

So lately I’ve been noticing a lot of different types of arguments amongst people (no one person in particular, and it’s totally nothing against them). I just think the subject matter of these types of arguments have no redeeming qualities and are, in the end, completely unnecessary. I for one am completely and utterly guilty of such arguments, which I wish I wasn’t.

Skitty wants you to stop arguing! Oh, and taking a bath too.

The following are the most obnoxious, dim-witted arguments I have either been a part of or have witnessed (not in any particular order):

[1] “I’m more tired than you!”
This has got to be one of the most hated arguments of all time. No matter what the surrounding circumstances are around this (the reasons why you’re tired), it doesn’t lessen the fact that the opposing person(s) is also tired. People who argue this spiral into never-ending disputes about why they have the “right” to be more tired – being less-tired or equally tired is not an option, and if you try to prove otherwise, you’re wrong.

Seriously; Your time can be better spent quietly relaxing with one another instead of one-upping each other on who has it the worst. In the end of this type of argument nothing is accomplished.

[2] “My job/school is harder than yours!”
Again, another useless dispute about who’s got it tougher. There is no way to prove that your job/school is tougher than another persons (since each person handles tasks/jobs differently) – and even if there is a way to prove who has it rougher, who the fuck cares? Similarly to the “I’m more tired than you” section, can’t people come to an understanding that it is possible that both jobs (or schools) can be equally as difficult? These ongoing petty competitions of who’s life is tougher is really pointless and annoying.

[3] Anything Facebook Related (Or other social networking)
For the most part (I’d say 98% of the time), I never indulge in petty facebook related arguments. If I ever receive a negative comment on my wall/photos/etc – I delete them. Plain and simple. People are so drawn to insignificant drama, it’s ridiculous. Sometimes when I lurk on facebook, it’s like I had a time machine back into high school, where people gave out insults and empty threats; it’s pathetic. I try as hard as I can to avoid drama/fighting by any means necessary when it comes to social networking. Nothing’s more trivial than arguing with your facebook “friend” for the whole internet world to see. I feel if you have a problem with someone, you should keep it between you and that person – don’t put your dirty laundry all over the internet.

[4] Music-Related Fights
Oh music fights, how I hate thee. I can’t stand arguments that revolve around “this artist is better!” or “that artist sucks!” When people get stuck in these back-and-forth type of fights, I wonder if they really feel like they are going to accomplish convincing the other person(s) that their opinion is wrong. Whether music is good or not is a completely subjective notion – there is no right or wrong answer, so stop arguing about it. Go listen to your music, and let your opposing person do the same. Everyone wins!

[5] Cellphone Text Arguments
There’s nothing more tedious than vigorously typing out an argument on your cellphone. Then right when you go to send the text – BAM, your phone screws up and restarts itself. Or an incoming message erased it all. Or whatever else can wreak havoc on your phone. Or, your message sends, then you impatiently wait for a paragraph long response. Arguing via texting is so obnoxious and pointless. Half the time, you can’t tell if the person is either angry or sarcastic. There is no body language to read, no tone in voice to hear. Granted, by understanding common text-jargon, you can imagine that a person is angry by the way they are texting you. All of this nonsense could easily be avoided by calling the person and having a five minute conversation and clearing the air. From what I’ve noticed, text related arguments start out by some form of miscommunication. When you feel yourself getting into a text-argument, stop what you’re doing and call the person. I guarantee you it’ll blow over much quickly and efficiently. Crappy cellphone service? Talk to them in person. By the time you would meet up with them, the argument will most likely blow over anyway.

So how about you, reader? What’s your most hated type of argument?



  1. Absolutly agree on point 5. I hate that!

  2. I would have to say that I hate email arguments (much like your texting one). People lack spine, and it is easier to fight when you don’t have to “drop a set” and do it face to face. Equally annoying are the topics that people want to rage on about, but are more like arguing to argue, to see who can pontificate on new ways to “change” someone’s thinking – not gonna happen. for example – most common arguments I have witnessed and/or read online that go NOWHERE.
    1. Racism – usually leads to someone throwing out Civil War references, Nazi regime, Hitler, Confederate flag, KKK, and no one has their damn history straight.
    2. Relationships – don’t even want to comment on the STUPID stuff I hear come out of people’s mouths on that one. (e.g., “There are other fish in the sea”, “He/she doesn’t beat you…”)
    3. Religion – usual stuff like abortion, per-marital sex, anti-gay sentiments, Jesus loves you IF ________ (fill in the blank) blah, blah, blah.
    4. Politics – way too extreme, and again, usually hear stuff re: left vs. right. Notice there is nothing being said (remotely) about finding a middle ground; just on picking a side.

    Anyway, you get the gist and I thought this was a great “rant” for lack of a better word. ;o)

    • I completely agree with everything you said! I hate political/religious arguments with a passion (unless it’s a very civil debate, which is a rarity).

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