Snuba Diving in Key West

After my amazing time at CocoCay, our cruise ship journeyed to Key West, FL. Here, is where we went snuba diving, which is basically like scuba diving, but without the tank on your back. (Your tank is attached to a boat).

This was my absolute favorite excursion of my Bahamas’ 2009 trip. (For those who haven’t read: I went to Nassau, Bahamas; CocoCay Bahamas’ and Key West).

All of the photos seen here are were taken with two disposable underwater cameras (I believe Kodak). I wish I could have used my digital underwater camera (we went too deep, so it couldn’t be used).

Let me preface this by saying these photos do not do it justice. I was able to see such beautiful and amazing sea life. It was truly an adventure; at the risk of sounding cliché, it was really a whole new world. Such a peaceful, relaxing, yet active, adventure.

I highly recommend this excursion – And I mean, highly. The people there who guide you on the tour are absolutely amazing; they’re all very helpful and knowledgeable on snuba diving and the wildlife that you see before your eyes.

This was my last trip before heading back to Miami, FL to fly home to New York. I know I’ve said it before, but this cruise was absolutely amazing! (For those who don’t know, it was through Royal Caribbean, on the Majesty of the Seas).

My next travel/vacation entries will be based on my 2011 Caribbean cruise that I took. Stay tuned..! 🙂


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