The Moons Winter Halo

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to have witnessed a Winter Halo around a full moon. It was pretty cold outside as I was lying down on the lawn, but it was worth it! I took some photos of that night. The Winter Halo was so close, I had to place the camera on the ground in order to get any good shots.

For those of you who don’t know what a Winter Halo (commonly known as a Moon Ring) is, it’s basically a reflection from ice crystals in the atmosphere.




  1. pixelsmiths says:

    I’ve seen this happen many times in South Africa,I never could get the perfect shot though. Any special settings or do you just have the knack for it? 😀

    • I mainly switched up the exposure time for these, between 5-10 seconds, and I kept it at f/2.7. It was a while back, so I don’t remember any other specific settings.

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