The How-To on Getting a Fulfilling Degree and Job

So I’ve been thinking of writing up a sort of a handy guideline to those who are in high school, college or out of college. This is designed to help guide you to a happy fulfilling career while giving you less stress along the way. I have an abundant amount of information that could be […]

Lion Country Safari

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Lion Country Safari with some friends in Loxahatchee, FL, which is about a 40 minute drive from West Palm Beach. This safari offers both a drive-through and a walk-through tour for an extremely reasonable price. This trip was both visually stunning and educational, although I wish it […]

Lola and the Park!

My friends and I took her kitty cat Lola to a lovely trip to the park. She was adorable and stuck her tongue out many times. 🙂 Enjoy! Pouncing! Pretty face! Meowing at a birdy! Goofy face! Goofy! Goofy!

Lola and the Chip

Meet Lola! And the chip! She’s adorable! She finally got the chip ❤

Welcome aboard the..!

Welcome aboard Royal Caribbean’s: Freedom of the Seas! Late May of 2011 my boyfriend and I took a marvelous trip to: Labadee, Haiti Falmouth, Jamaica George Town, Grand Cayman Cozumel, Mexico Before I share some wonderful photos of our trip, I will introduce you to the wonderful Freedom of the Seas! Enjoy! Here is the […]