Cozumel, Mexico

Welcome to Cozumel Mexico – The last destination on my Royal Caribbean cruise! This place is gorgeous! (Above) The first photo as we arrived to Cozumel! The water is so gorgeous! One of the first things we did here was head over to a beach via taxi – long story short, when we got there […]

George Town, Grand Cayman

Oh the Grand Cayman Islands… I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved this place. It’s beauty was simply amazing and the weather was perfect! Here is one of the first photos I took when we left off of the ship onto a ferry: S’more lovely ship photos, on our way to […]

Falmouth, Jamaica

Our next stop on the Royal Caribbean cruise was Falmouth, Jamaica! The town was super busy and very interesting – There were many people dressed up in costume, performing on the streets. Looking at their gas prices (and thinking of it, in terms of US currency) this looked amusing: Imagine if gas was that high? […]

Labadee, Haiti!

Labadee, Haiti was my first stop on my Royal Caribbean cruise. The sight from the ship was gorgeous, even though it was a little bit cloudy most of the time there. While I was here, I got to experience the Dragon’s Breath Flight Line. For anyone who gets a chance to come here and try […]