Cozumel, Mexico

Welcome to Cozumel Mexico – The last destination on my Royal Caribbean cruise! This place is gorgeous!

(Above) The first photo as we arrived to Cozumel! The water is so gorgeous! One of the first things we did here was head over to a beach via taxi – long story short, when we got there it was pouring out and about 10 degrees cooler than where we first arrived, so we got another taxi back where it wasn’t cold and rainy.

We decided to take a walk around the outskirts of the main area (where our ship was docked) and we discovered a wonderful place to eat at. I have searched for hours on Google Maps and TripAdvisor looking for the name of this place, but couldn’t figure it out. If I ever discover the name and location of it, I will update this. Anyway — This place that we ate at was the best Mexican food I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Seriously, it was that good. I really wish I could recommend it, but I can’t recall the name/location! The following three photos are the only ones that I have that are in there (if anyone recognizes it, please tell me!):
I thought it was neat that this soda didn’t have any high fructose corn syrup. It tasted much better without it!
If anyone recognizes the inside of this place, please don’t feel shy to tell me! It was such a lovely place!
After we ate we came here to drink at Senor Frogs. It was a nice place – the bar hostesses would come around and shoot liquor into your mouth and make balloon animal hats for you! It was a very good party-like atmosphere. I would have loved to have seen this place late at night.
This was on my bottle – thought it was clever. 🙂
Taking a few more shots before heading back to the ship. It was so blue here!
More intense clouds! Luckily, once again, we didn’t get any rainfall when we were here (well, not including our short trip to the beach area, but shh!)


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