Creating a Photography Book [Questions Within]: Edit!

Hi everyone! I know, once again, it’s been a while in the realms of posting up new content – (I promise, I will soon!).

Anyway – I actually have a question for my fellow readers/bloggers: Basically, I’m interested in creating a (self published) photography book that I could potentially sell, and I was wondering what programs/companies would be the best outlet for this?

I’ve heard of places such as, Blurb and Lulu, but I’ve never actually used any of these sites (and I’ve heard pretty mixed reviews on them). Anyone with prior knowledge, experience, recommendations, etc. this would be fantastic.

Thank you! 🙂

Edit (2/22/2012): I have decided to try out the self-publishing site, Blurb. A friend of mine recommended it and I’ve read many good things about it. I am in the midst of a photography project, which I am hoping to have accomplished by five to six months from now. Although I really do want to go into more detail about it, I rather keep it on the DL for now.



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