Photo Class & The Dusty Stairs

I’ve been pretty off of the radar lately (general busyness with work and life in general), but I figure I’d make a quick journal post.

Recently, I started taking some photography classes at Berger Bros to try and expand my knowledge a bit. My first class was last night and it was quite enjoyable – I miss being in a school setting; the structure, the learning, all of it!

I’ve been pretty happy with life; having memorable times with friends and family and lately I’ve been getting bursts of inspiration (when it comes to my writing and photography), which is always a great thing.

I need to start channeling that inspired energy into my work more often; I’ve been bitten by the lazy bug recently, when it comes to writing. Although the inspiration and material is there, it really should be written down (or photographed!).

On another note, I’ve been meaning to post a lot of new material on here (with my photos), but some of my recent photos will be portrayed in my Photo Project (mentioned in my previous post), so I don’t really want to post them up just yet.

But here is an exclusive sneak preview of one of the photos titled, The Dusty Stairs:

Photo Specs: f/3.5, ISO 1600, 1/2

As always, feedback is welcome!


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