Fascination with Super-centenarians

So I recently started reading up about Super-centenarian’s, which are people who have reached the age of 110 (or higher!).

Jeanne Calment, had the longest (confirmed) human life span in history

Jeanne Calment, had the longest (confirmed) human life span in history

When reading up on it, I found it to be so incredibly interesting, and it got me thinking about what a person of that age must have seen or lived through and how incredible it would be to have a chance to interview someone like that. (If it’s possible, I want to try and find more information about doing that!) With the 100 year mark of the demise of the RMS Titanic, it would be truly a wonder to be able to speak with someone from that time period.

So with all of that in mind, I’ve decided to write (and type) out any important/personal details of my life, along with some correlating photos as well. Maybe this information years down the road can help give a new generation some insight.

Personally, I’ve always felt doing something like this (whether it be blogging, or writing in a journal) is an extremely important item in a persons life. You never know what your memory will remember or regrettably forget – for me, writing is a great form of external memory.

Comments are always welcomed (and encouraged!)


M. T. Hoffman



  1. I kept a journal for 50 years – and it became such a BURDEN (any idea how many boxes of paper? this was before computers, and I still journal on paper) that I tossed most of it when I moved recently. The problem with journals, (IMHO) is that either one must edit viciously, or leave a mile high stack behind that no one would have the energy to go through. BUT – I still keep one. I also figure I’ll burn it before I die (assuming I have the opportunity.) In the meantime, I’ve also blogged since 2001 at a variety of sites/themes and under different alias’ – typically a tt of 20 entries or more a month. I thought it would be easier to monitor/maintain, but it hasn’t been. The new (relatively) tagging tools help a great deal. I wish you the best – for those of us who write compulsively, there seems little option. The words will flow….

    wonderful if one can stick to carefully thought out epigrams and terse comments, but my mind doesn’t work that way.

    • In the past I used to write in a journal a lot, probably since I was around 3-4 years old. It’s pretty amusing to go back and reread some of the things that were important to me in my life (especially at such a young age). There’s just something about handwritten journals that I love so much – it gives off a really personal feel to it, in comparison to writing online. I really do want to get back into it.

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