Traveling Update & Whatnot!

I feel like it’s been a while since the last few times I’ve posted on here. I have been a bit busy this month, with traveling and concerts. I feel like giving a small recap of what I’ve done so far this month.

Earlier this month, I went to a Primus concert with a few of my friends at this really nice looking venue called The Paramount (I believe it’s fairly new) – the location of it is really great. The concert was really good; there was a beautiful light show and during intermission they played old episodes of Popeye, which I thought was pretty funny. I took a few pictures, but they’re all cellphone quality, so they didn’t come out to well:

On May 13th (Sunday) through the 15th I went on a work trip (A Media Tour) to Houston, TX. It was my first time there, and I really enjoyed it! The roads were really crazy looking in comparison to what I’m used to. My initial impression of Texas was it reminding me of Florida mixed with New York. It was strange, but very interesting. I stayed at an amazing hotel called Sorella — the hotel was beautiful, wonderful staff, and I had a delicious meal. The wifi there was fantastic too (I was able to FaceTime/Skype without any issues). I was super lucky – my room was pretty high up and it was a corner room, so I had two beautiful views. Outside of my hotel, there was a really cute village/city-like area, where people would walk around and hangout — It was really beautiful! Below are some pictures that I took during my time there:
Below/Above photos: This was the view from my hotel.

The above photo was the meal that I ate at the hotel: A “Deck Oven-Roasted Cornish Hen” with Yukon gold roasted potatoes — and it was delicious! Highly recommend this! — During my Media Tour, there was a tour of Minute Maid Park:

The photo above is the Media room, (where the writers and announcers are located). The photo below are sunflower seeds (baseball players chew sunflower seeds instead of tobacco – I thought that was pretty interesting).

The two photos below were taken right outside of my hotel — They’re a bit fuzzy since it was dark and I didn’t have a tripod:

Last week, May 23rd (Wednesday) to the 25th I went on another work trip to Fort Atkinson, WI. Like my last trip, this was my first time in Wisconsin and it was also very interesting. The bulk of what I saw during my stay was farms – they’re everywhere! It probably takes locals (farmers) about 20 minutes to get to an area with stores. Where I live, everything is considerably close together (down the block from my house, there’s a 711, and a few other small shopping areas, gas stations, a gym, etc.) In the parts of Wisconsin that I saw, everything is very spread apart.

Unfortunately on this trip, I didn’t bring my camera, but I did take a few cellphone shots of the food that I ate:
Norm’s Hideaway menu (above), inside of Norm’s Hideaway (below).
I ordered a steak with pancake-potatoes (with a side of apple sauce) — Delicious!

The last place I ate in Wisconsin was at Captn’s Steakhouse Saloon. (Extremely yummy food, and amazing service!)

I ordered Porkchops, mashed potatoes and delicious beans, that had a hint of apple-flavor. It was all so delicious! I also had a salad with this (And it was all $9.99!) – Amazing atmosphere and a great price!

Next week (on Sunday and Thursday) I will be attending the BEA Book Expo in NYC, which I’m really excited for! I will try to bring my camera and take some neat photos along the way. I also printed out my book (via Blurb) — granted, it’s far from finished, but I figured it would be good to have on me, just in case someone is interested in it:

Thanks for reading! — I will definitely post an update about the BEA Book Expo as soon as I can!


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