The 2012 BEA uPublishU Event

I had the pleasure of being able to attend the All-New BEA uPublishU event, at the Javits Center in NYC on June 3, Sunday with my former professor (and author!), Jennifer Cusumano.

When we arrived at the Javits Center on Sunday, the floors were still covered in plastic, most of the areas were still being set up — it was the day before the official opening day:

One of the first sessions I attended was called “Penned & Published – Self-published Authors & Stories of Success!” This session was very inspiring! The three panelists told us their amazing success stories on self-publishing their books and (eventually) going with the traditional route of getting an agent and publisher.

Some of the advice they gave was to utilize social media and other outlets in order to build a fan-base, which will help to increase word-of-mouth growth. Another piece of advice is to maintain interaction with your fans – always answer questions, and make each person feel special. Personally, I highly agree with both pieces of advice – interpersonal communication is definitely key to increasing readership and/or building a fan-base.

Hearing their stories really inspired me!

The next event I attended was called “Do This, Not That – The Social Media Roadmap for Authors” and it basically discussed how to effectively use social media to help promote yourself and your book. The speaker, Cindy Ratzlaff, president of Brand New Brand You Inc. and Founding Partner at Red Carpet Strategies, also emphasized the use of social media in order to interact with fans and build up a relationship.

Along with building personal relationships with your fans, it is also important to: share your excitement and (writing) progress; encourage and support fellow writers; and increase visibility online without overdoing it.

This was (another) very inspiring session! Honestly, everything I went to was pretty amazing. Here are some pictures that I took on Sunday:

We had a lovely (free) meal! It was delicious!

One of the slides during one of the events.

All of the wonderful things I received on Sunday!

Jen Cusumano!

Jen and I went back to BEA for a second time on Thursday – similarly to Sunday, it wasn’t as busy as I had anticipated it to be (mostly because the majority of major events occurred Monday through Wednesday).

Although it was busier than Sunday, there were a lot less educational sessions and seminars; the bulk of the events that occurred on Thursday were autographing events.

Here are some more photos that I took:

Some of the exhibitors.

Shot of NYC after we left!

I had such a wonderful time! I can’t wait to attend next year! Did any of you attend? If so, how was your time?



  1. Sally Dedecker says:

    So glad to hear you were inspired…and that this was a positive day for you! Love to hear feedback on what sessions we missed this year!

    • It really was a great event! I’m looking forward to going again next year!

      • Sally Dedecker says:

        Great! I am the BEA Education Director – new for this past year – and developed the content for the day, got the speakers, etc. We will do a survey of all attendees…and looking for ways to improve for 2013.

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