Quick Update Before I Travel!

Hi everyone! I wanted to write up a super quick update before I travel later today (I will be going to Florida for a lovely 3-day weekend – super excited!).

So this upcoming October/November I was supposed to be going to Vegas for a work trip, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough money in our travel budget for me to go, so I won’t be going this year (I’m not too sad about it – there’s always next year!)

So far this summer for me has been fantastic! I’ve been extremely busy the past couple of months (which is why I haven’t been updating this site as much as I’d like to), but expect way more updates in about a month or so.

This upcoming month (September) is going to be amazing!

I’ll be starting off September in Florida with a lovely group of friends; next weekend I’ll be visiting Albany for the first time; the following week my friends and I will be taking a trip to the Renaissance Faire (the weekend of my birthday!); sometime late September I will be going to an Offspring concert (which was the first concert I’ve ever been to when I was young – super excited to see them again!); and lastly, to celebrate my birthday (along with three of my friends birthdays as well), my friend will be throwing a “Christmas in September” party.

Although I’m sad to see summer come to an end, I am pretty excited about this month! There will be so many amazing things to do and wonderful memories to create!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer as well! — And, for those who have gone to Albany, if you have any recommendations of places to visit, feel free to post them here!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend! And now, here is a random photo I once took for a Photography class back in 2009 (…which I might have posted before, but oh well!):



  1. Florida and Albany are lovely places to visit! Wish you good luck for your vacations! Hope you enjoy them.

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