Petite Polaroids: My Wedding Place Cards

I wanted to add a little personal touch to my wedding place cards. I decided to take a handful of photos and have them printed onto mini Polaroids: I really love the quality of them and how thick the paper is. I purchased this off of and highly recommend it if anyone is looking […]

Reviewing My Wedding Vendors: Florist, Pt. 1

There are numerous vendors and services that you may or may not utilize when planning your wedding. For me, it is important to find reasonable, responsive vendors who can offer a chic, yet vintage feel to my wedding. Since I have been utilizing numerous vendors for different services, I will try and review each category […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! A lot has happened since I’ve last posted, but I believe I can sum it up nicely. Early in 2013, I unfortunately became unemployed. My free time was then dedicated to being a full time job hunter and a part time Office Assistant at Sweetbriar Nature Center, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Fast […]