Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

A lot has happened since I’ve last posted, but I believe I can sum it up nicely.

Early in 2013, I unfortunately became unemployed. My free time was then dedicated to being a full time job hunter and a part time Office Assistant at Sweetbriar Nature Center, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Fast forward six months, I became employed at a facilities maintenance company with the role of Vendor Relations Specialist. It was a decent jump in careers, but so far I am enjoying the atmosphere.

Mid-March 2014, my boyfriend of 9 years became my fiancé and I couldn’t be happier. Planning for my wedding has been extremely fun and exciting so far. We are planning to be wed May 2015 and have already booked the venue. Around this time, I also decided it was time to permanently deactivate my FaceBook. I felt it was making me feel unnecessarily cynical and realized it also took away the element of conversation. It’s currently in my best interest to not go back to it.

Back last winter I was writing often, but have since been on a mental hiatus due to unforeseen events that I would rather not dwell on or get into.

Now that things are calming down and more manageable, I want to try and get back on track with my social media, my writing & photography. I also plan to write some reviews of my wedding vendors in the future. We’ll see how this goes!

Chicago, IL - Aug. 2014

Chicago, IL – Aug. 2014


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