Reviewing My Wedding Vendors: Florist, Pt. 1

There are numerous vendors and services that you may or may not utilize when planning your wedding. For me, it is important to find reasonable, responsive vendors who can offer a chic, yet vintage feel to my wedding. Since I have been utilizing numerous vendors for different services, I will try and review each category (i.e.: the venue, DJ, makeup, florist, photographer, etc.).

When I started to gather flower ideas, I originally intended on booking James Cress Florist. We had met with the Event Professional mid-October and he treated us very kindly and seemed very knowledgeable with flowers. He even said they would be able to work with us with our budget and requested us to email him over some photos of what I was interested in.

Later that night, I sent over a couple of floral photos. After a few follow ups, they replied stating they received them. Since I hadn’t heard back from them in October-November, I sent another follow up email mid-December asking if they had reviewed my photos, but I still haven’t had a response. Considering their lack of response to my various emails, I decided to take my floral arrangements in a different direction. With wedding planning, I can’t afford to employee vendors who aren’t at least a little responsive via email.

Luckily, with a little googling, I found the Little Bouquet Shop. My eye quickly fell in love with an adorable silk bouquet called Butterfly Kisses. I ordered my bouquet to make sure it would be a right fit for my wedding. I should be receiving it in 3-4 weeks. Additionally, I also ordered the flower girl basket & ring bearer pillow at The Wedding Outlet. They came in earlier today and I couldn’t be happier! It’s exactly what I wanted and the quality looks and feels amazing. The cost of the flower girl basket, pillow & petals came out to only $51.50. (I originally allocated roughly $80 for that).

Flower girl basket & petals

Flower girl basket & petals


Summary: Since I am still at the early stages of my flower planning, I will say so far the process hasn’t been stressful. I’ve had a lot of fun searching for beautiful arrangements on Pinterest and The Knot.

Pricing: Since the beginning, all of the wedding flowers were right within our budget. Although we went in a different direction, the pricing James Cress Florist had given to us at first was very reasonable. Since switching from real flowers to silk, the pricing impressively took us under our budget. (Note: Once I finish buying all of the floral arrangements, I will update it with a total amount).



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