Petite Polaroids: My Wedding Place Cards

I wanted to add a little personal touch to my wedding place cards. I decided to take a handful of photos and have them printed onto mini Polaroids: I really love the quality of them and how thick the paper is. I purchased this off of and highly recommend it if anyone is looking […]

Reviewing My Wedding Vendors: Florist, Pt. 1

There are numerous vendors and services that you may or may not utilize when planning your wedding. For me, it is important to find reasonable, responsive vendors who can offer a chic, yet vintage feel to my wedding. Since I have been utilizing numerous vendors for different services, I will try and review each category […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! A lot has happened since I’ve last posted, but I believe I can sum it up nicely. Early in 2013, I unfortunately became unemployed. My free time was then dedicated to being a full time job hunter and a part time Office Assistant at Sweetbriar Nature Center, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Fast […]

My Latest Work Entry

So recently (as mentioned in my previous update) I wrote a blog entry for my magazines’ website, which discusses Accelerating Developments in Certified Chocolates (as seen below!): Since it has been published, it received a decent amount of recognition among the cocoa sector! Fair Trade USA, the World Cocoa Foundation and the Rainforest Alliance each […]

Certified Chocolates Rearing Its Head In The Industry

At work I had the sincerest pleasure of interviewing two associates from the Hershey Company about their plans on utilizing certified cocoa beans in their chocolate. Below is an excerpt from my blog that is currently posted on my work website (enjoy!): Last October Hershey, Pennsylvania-based Hershey Company revealed their plans to a global commitment […]