List Five Things You Love About Your Culture

Although America always seems to get a bad rep about one thing or another, I do see some good, even in these harsh economic/political times. Here listed are the five things that I love about American culture. My views may be biased from a New Yorker viewpoint, but it is an opinioned-based question nonetheless. 1- […]

Inventing a Course

Q: Invent a course that every high school student should have to take. What would it be? A: Pre-College 101: This would be taken senior year of high school. Overall, an easy class, just something to really help a student understand what college life entails. Here are some of the topics the course would teach […]

Plinky: Does Money = Happiness?

Q: Do you think money can buy happiness? A: I believe this to be one of the biggest trick questions in the world. Sure, the “preferred” answer, is No, it doesn’t buy happiness. But I believe this question to be a combination between vague and an unrealistic idealized concept. In the perfect world, the idea […]

Plinky Blurb: 5

Q: Describe your favorite reading/writing spot. A: Reading? I can usually do that anywhere, but preferably? Somewhere not too noisy, good lighting, and super cozy. I like reading outside sometimes, if it’s nice and relaxing outside, but I tend to become easily distracted, especially if it’s visually beautiful outside. I concentrate best when it’s stormy […]

Plinky Blurb: 4

Q: What’s your favorite summertime sound? A: There are a few summertime sounds that I enjoy, and they’re usually bugs like crickets or cicada bugs. They always make relaxing noises, whether it’s daytime or nighttime. Going to the beach and hearing the ocean crash is a nice summertime sound as well (even though I go […]