A Quick Hello

Hi! I just wanted to write up a super-quick update! This month for me has been busy, busy, busy! Earlier this month I: took a trip to Florida, Albany, saw an Offspring concert, had a surprise birthday party (thank you for all who was involved – I loved it!), and later today I will be […]

Quick Update Before I Travel!

Hi everyone! I wanted to write up a super quick update before I travel later today (I will be going to Florida for a lovely 3-day weekend – super excited!). So this upcoming October/November I was supposed to be going to Vegas for a work trip, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough money in our travel […]

Traveling Across Long Island and Future Travels!

I have been somewhat busy lately so I haven’t updated in forever, so I figured I’d make a short and quick update! 🙂 Earlier this month my friends and I took a small trip out West to New York City. We mostly hung out in Central Park and at a lovely outdoor Hookah Bar – […]

Traveling Update & Whatnot!

I feel like it’s been a while since the last few times I’ve posted on here. I have been a bit busy this month, with traveling and concerts. I feel like giving a small recap of what I’ve done so far this month. Earlier this month, I went to a Primus concert with a few […]

Cozumel, Mexico

Welcome to Cozumel Mexico – The last destination on my Royal Caribbean cruise! This place is gorgeous! (Above) The first photo as we arrived to Cozumel! The water is so gorgeous! One of the first things we did here was head over to a beach via taxi – long story short, when we got there […]