Belmont Park – Part II: The Clump of Baby Bird Beaks

Sometime in January my friends and I visited Belmont Park again! Sunny weather has been very generous in comparison to the usual NY-winter weather, which is always welcomed! I cannot wait for the weather to warm up again here. Anyway, here are two shots that I took that day (Enjoy!): Although it’s a little bright […]

Photo Class & The Dusty Stairs

I’ve been pretty off of the radar lately (general busyness with work and life in general), but I figure I’d make a quick journal post. Recently, I started taking some photography classes at Berger Bros to try and expand my knowledge a bit. My first class was last night and it was quite enjoyable – […]

Creating a Photography Book [Questions Within]: Edit!

Hi everyone! I know, once again, it’s been a while in the realms of posting up new content – (I promise, I will soon!). Anyway – I actually have a question for my fellow readers/bloggers: Basically, I’m interested in creating a (self published) photography book that I could potentially sell, and I was wondering what […]